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• Our Structural Bamboo is grown and imported from Colombia
• Our Bamboo is very high quality, thick walled, round and has a minimal taper from end to end.

We import large diameter Bamboo ranging from 4" - 7" with a thick wall that gives the customer a very strong/stable product. Bamboo can be used for all types of projects such as Structural Posts, Roof Rafters & Beams for building structures or Tiki Bars, Pergolas, Pavilions, Furniture & Decorative features for aesthetics.

There are many joining methods that can be used with Bamboo like Screws, Nails & Lag Screws depending on your application.

Boards & Beams can also fabricate certain custom metal brackets for joining Bamboo together to build your structure. If you are interested in other Bamboo joinery techniques please search the internet for different options.

Although we look for Bamboo that contains a minimal amount of taper, keep in mind that a 19' foot long Bamboo pole that is 6" diameter on one side can taper down to about 3" on the opposite end. We try to stock Bamboo poles that have minimal taper. Example - 6" to about 4"-4-1/2". Most of our Bamboo will have a uniformed thickness from one end to the other.

Bamboo Poles
- Diameters/Sizes & Pricing -
*All Bamboo sold Per Piece*

1"-1-1/2" x 118" Long - $11.56/ea
3-1/2"-4" x 19-1/2' Long - $55.00/ea
4"-4-1/2" x 19-1/2' Long - $58.00/ea
4-1/2"-5" x 19-1/2' Long - $64.00/ea
5"-5-1/2" x 19-1/2' Long - $70.00/ea
5-1/2"-6" x 19-1/2' Long - $80.00/ea